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Vuitton Vader


Please review before purchasing delayed shipping. This piece is part of an exhibition at the Indiana State Museum Imax Theater for the showing of The Last Jedi from December 12th to January 5th and will ship following this event. If you have any follow up questions please reach out to me directly at


This upcycled Vader was inspired/modeled after the iconic Luxury Brand Louis Vuitton and was created using a vintage piece of LV luggage.

Materials Used:1 vintage (70's era) Louis Vuitton piece of luggage, leather, piano parts, wire, computer chips, capacitors, zipper, braided leather, ram and other upcycled materials.


Dimensions: 11.0 inches tall , 12.0 inches wide and 12 inches deep. 

Date Completed: 10/25/2017

Status: Available for Purchase

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Gabriel Dishaw Vuitton Vader-1805.jpg
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