Nike Air Max 90 CMT (Chip Multithreading)

DESCRIPTION AND DETAILS: This sculpture is part of a shoes series I'm working on where I revisit some of my favorite classic sneaker silhouettes. This time around I took the classic Air Max 90 or Air Max 3. You will notice that I tried to stay true to form an uses some really cool vintage computer parts. Some of the circuit boards are from a computer in the mid 60's, and the swoosh's are from a late 70's hard drive platter.

KEY FEATURES:  One Piece Toe box for superior form and fit. Midsole built from a 1960's era motherboard. Air bag created from Aalborg Instruments for superior, support and durability. Premium insole with memory chip that records diagnostic information through out your gait. Shoe comes fully equipped with Chip Max Technology, "support that moves with you" (C-Cushion, H- High, I- Impact, P-Placement).


box-v pair.jpg