Nike Waffle Racer F.I.F.O. (First In First Out)

DESCRIPTION AND DETAILS: This sculpture is part of a shoes series I'm working on where I revisit some of my favorite classic sneaker silhouettes. This time around I took on the classic Waffle Racer with its unique waffle pattern. You will notice that I tried to stay true to form and use some really unique color pops and materials to make this shoe stand out. I have also taken care to finish the inside of the shoe getting closer to the real thing.

KEY FEATURES:  Chip Waffle Pattern for superior traction and data transfer. Braided steel lacing for durability and better lock down of your foot. Premium insoles with memory chip that records diagnostic information through out your gait. One Piece Toe box for superior form and fit. Tongue chip set for fast gait processing.


FIFO open case - open shoes.JPG