How I got started down the path of Upcycling...

Over the years many people have asked for a little more insight into my process and how I got started, so I wanted to provide a snapshot into how I evoked upon this upcycled journey.

Life is defined by moments and in 9th grade I distinctly remember my art teacher at H.H. Dow High School, Dr. Fransisco, listing out examples of approaches we could explore for a project. One that was listed was called Junk Art, and the title alone intrigued me. I did some research and put my own spin on this idea of creating three-dimensional art made from discarded materials.  I decidedto submit one of my sculptures in a local art contest, and ended up winning first place.  I received some really great feedback, and it was then that I knew I had found something that I both enjoyed and that allowed me to express my creative side along with a more mechanical approach. 
I still have this piece and its a great reminder of where it all began.  

Gabriel Dishaw - Mary on a donkey

Mary on a Donkey